Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Old Drive-In

When I was in high school we used to come to Macomb all the time to the "DRIVE-IN".  It was just about 20 miles from where we lived in Vermont, and if you had a REAL date we usually headed for Macomb.    We all liked the Drive-In because fun to sit outside and eat or drink beer in the car and maybe a little smoochin too.

One night there were four of us over here and the guys went to get popcorn and drinks and we girls decided to move the car.   They came out of the concession stand, looked all around and we finally had to honk the horn for them.   I'm sure the other cars didn't mind our pranks.

Well, we moved back to Macomb almost two years ago and one of the first things I noticed was this:

It is the back of the old Drive-In Screen.   I drove around front to see if we could see it but they have built apartment houses in that area and you don't even notice it. 

Now what I'd like to do is get a movie, say Jerasic Park, and play it on this old screen.   I expect there would be several calls to the police department. 

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