Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Old Drive-In

When I was in high school we used to come to Macomb all the time to the "DRIVE-IN".  It was just about 20 miles from where we lived in Vermont, and if you had a REAL date we usually headed for Macomb.    We all liked the Drive-In because fun to sit outside and eat or drink beer in the car and maybe a little smoochin too.

One night there were four of us over here and the guys went to get popcorn and drinks and we girls decided to move the car.   They came out of the concession stand, looked all around and we finally had to honk the horn for them.   I'm sure the other cars didn't mind our pranks.

Well, we moved back to Macomb almost two years ago and one of the first things I noticed was this:

It is the back of the old Drive-In Screen.   I drove around front to see if we could see it but they have built apartment houses in that area and you don't even notice it. 

Now what I'd like to do is get a movie, say Jerasic Park, and play it on this old screen.   I expect there would be several calls to the police department. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bread Recipe

I'm baking bread today.   Well, kind of.   I'm actually going to make pizza for supper but I start with a recipe for bread.  

I've had this recipe for almost 45 years.  It was in our paper sometime in the mid 70's.  The article with the recipe starts out by saying with the rising price of gas, possibly going to .60 cents a gallon,  we may be looking at returning to doing things like baking our own bread.  

Wouldn't that be wonderful?   Of course our salaries would not be what they are today either.  At that time we lived on about $800 a month.   We had four kids and one about to enter college. I'll be making pizza with a very old bread recipe and thinking about how nice it would be if we only had to pay .60 cents a gallon for gas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We have something in our attic,
We know not what it is,
It makes some funny noises,
And creeps me out -

I wish we knew what the little varmit was
and what it thinks we might have to share.
There is no food or bedding for it up there.

I think it's kind of smart as it becomes quiet as can be
When Ted walks in to listen and maybe see.

SO...I know not what this critter
Thinks we have for it up there,
We have no bed for it to use,
Nor even a chair.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Winter Forecast

The headline on the paper this morning said we would have lower heating bills due to a milder winter.   YEA

Then I opened the paper and saw that people that "read" persimmon seeds say it is to be a terrible winter, colder than last year.

When I was growing up not 20 miles from where we live my mom used to say you could predict the winter by the color of the wooly worms coats.   Well, I've seen some pretty darned dark wooly worms lately. 

So...I'm not going to fool myself into thinking this winter will be all sunshine and roses.   I've got a lot of yarn here to knit prayer shawls, 15 jigsaw puzzles to put together and how much fabric to sew I do not know,  but I bet I can get a couple of quilts out of it.

Happy Winter all.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This morning I was reading my Sunday School lesson when I saw a post on the back of the book by an author I was privileged to meet one time.   I was working at a Publishing House at the time and she had several books we published for her.   She was the mother of seven children.   Her husband was a Dr. and they decided to show their children how to live OFF THE LAND. 

They butchered their own meat and grew most of their own vegetables and ALL their children had to help.   There were stories of them driving tractors, bringing animals into the barn in winter weather, a funny, funny story about them butchering a cow one time. 

I LOVED her writing.  It was always funny but also always had a message.  She would write a short story about one of the children and you always laughed while reading it, sometimes cried, but you ALWAYS came away thinking about the message she left you with.

I have not read any of her books in awhile.   Maybe time to search for some of them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Time and the Livin Is Easy

All of a sudden we have more vegetables than we can eat.   I've frozen corn, green beans, eaten corn, eaten green beans, and now we have tomatoes and zucchini.   If it's not from the Farmer's Market, we have these things given to us.

It's been warm but not overly hot.   Flowers are blooming nicely and we are getting more done to the house.  Ted has worked in his garage so hard.   It looks like something out of HGTV.   I bet they'd like to have him do a show for them.     Tomorrow we get a new furnace and A/C.    I wonder what we will do next year if we get all the projects done we have on our list.

Maybe next year we can wash the windows.   Keep thinking we will do them but something else always seems more important.

Our two first born    

came for a visit by themselves.   We love their families but, oh it was nice to have them here alone.  We giggled, looked at pictures, went garage sailing, and giggled some more.  Kim took a SELFIE of us and we giggled again.

School will be starting before long and then everyone is busy and before we know it it will be cold weather and we won't get outside at all.

I hate to see Summer end.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sick and Tired

I just pulled up my email account and there on the side bar is a good looking woman with short shorts on and a pair of really high heels sitting on the ground resting next to a car tire.   Can you guess what this was for?              CAR INSURANCE    Could someone please explain to me what she has to do with buying CAR INSURANCE?

Before we moved to Illinois I turned my computer on one day and the side-bar had several pictures of good looking middle aged men.   The headline was:  " Ellen,   there are 145 men in Chapel Hill that would like to meet you.:"     I burst out laughing because Chapel Hill probably didn't have 145 men in the little town and none I had seen were as good looking as the guys pictures they showed here.

I pull up my Facebook account and young women I watched grow up are whining because the government won't buy their contraceptives.   Next I guess they are going to want the government to buy their tooth paste and shampoo too.

I used to hear people say they hated to watch the news and I never quite understood it.  I do now.   I really don't understand why we have to hear about the WORLD CUP for 16 weeks AFTER we lost or watch the same news on the local channel as we do the National News program.  

I think I'm getting old.  I'm tired of hearing some young women whine and sick to death of commercials for Viagra or Cialis.

GET OVER IT people.